Morgan State University Protecting Killer Cop David Lewis

Baltimore Public Safety Collective and West Coalition to protest at Morgan State University Homecoming

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Students, staff and alumni of Morgan State University will be among the coalition of anti-police brutality activists protesting the festivities at Morgan’s homecoming on October 18, 2014.  Morgan State police officer David Lewis was one of more than 10 officers who beat Tyrone West to death in New Northwood on July 18, 2013.  Lewis was among the first to arrive on the scene of the traffic stop at the intersection of Kitmore & Kelway and join the beating. Once Mr. West was handcuffed, Lewis sat down on Mr. West’s back until Mr. West stopped breathing and ultimately died. During the investigation, Baltimore Police officer Chris Jennings told the State’s Attorney’s Office in an interview that “Somebody (Officer Parker) said, ‘get off his back, let him up’ and (Lewis) got off of him. When they rolled him he was ‘dead weight’ and his face was ‘gray.’ One leg that was bent stayed bent’ they had to straighten it out manually…The salive in his mouth was ‘bubbling'”


The Baltimore Public Safety Collective make the following demands:

  • That David Lewis be fired from his position at Morgan State University without pension or other state benefits;
  • That David Lewis charged with homicide in the death of Tyrone West;
  • That Morgan State University publicly apologize to Tyrone West’s family for their employee’s role in his murder and for the school’s failure to take quick action to protect the community from this murderous officer;
  • That any licences or clearances Mr. Lewis holds that would allow future employment as a law enforcement officer or security guard be revoked;
  • That Morgan State University dissolve its partnership with the Baltimore Police Department and confine university officers’ jurisdiction to the campus only.


Two time MSU alumni (‘98 and ‘07), prospective PhD student, and brutality victim Ameejill Whitlock said, “If this officer can murder somebody in the community, he can harm a student.  Because he is a MSU officer, he’s been able to hide from investigation and prosecution, and Morgan is coddling him.  I’m disappointed in my university president that he hasn’t even had the nerve to speak to the family.  I hope other students, staff, and alumni will support the call for his firing.”


Abdul Salaam: “I speak as a son, father, Northwood resident, Morgan State alum, and victim of police brutality at the hands of Baltimore City Police. My beating was unique, in the sense that my offenders terrorized me while with my son, who was 3 years old at the time. Even more stunning and frightening, my offenders went on to kill Tyrone West 17 days later, in spite of my neighbors as well as my family reporting these rogue offenders to Internal Affairs. As a proud graduate of Morgan State University, I reach out to the Morgan family and most importantly the student body to recognize, embrace, and partner with the West Coalition. I emphasis the student body, because it is within the idea, spirit, and politics of the ‘New’ that true change will be embodied.”

Video of the Family of Tyrone West catching Killer Cop David Lewis harass a student while at Morgan State University for West Wednesday warning students about rogue and killer cops.


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