The Baltimore Eclipse is a collaborative project for analyzing media transmissions: how they are put together, and how they reflect & shape our society.

We’re going to start out by focusing on the Baltimore Sun‘s coverage of crime in Baltimore City.


3 responses to “Info

  1. Good afternoon. I am trying to reach someone from your organization – I am with msnbc. Do you have a reporter that would be available to be live on our show today in the 5pm hour? We have a satellite truck at City Hall and/or we could do a phone interview. Please call me at 212-664-1289. Thanks so much. Shannah Goldner

  2. Please have a member of your organization contact RT America News. We are very interested in including your perspective and analysis on our national news broadcast. RT America has been covering protests in Baltimore in depth. We have had many community leaders and activists on our programs. Your participation is appreciated! THX! Best way to contact is to call 202-942-2412 between 10-7PM

  3. The Associated Press would like to publish information about the upcoming May 30 Call to Action – Against Martin O’Malley and the Baltimore FOP. Please call me at 301-791-5246 to confirm details about the event. Dave Dishneau, AP.

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